The regulations of Advertising network for Advertiser

  1. The regulations for Advertiser
    1. The system accepts only the participation of the online stores, except to other services (please contact for private deal).
    2. Do not register more than 1 account
    3. Do not use pornographic or pornographic pictures.
    4. Do not propagate the pictures about violence, do not provoke national hatred, propagate and trade in banned substances, selling weapons, diplomas and so on.
    5. Do not advertise services and goods through mobile or pay message (for example, tests, diets, mobile content, etc.).
    6. Do notadvertise banned substances, cigarettes and addictive drugs (tablets, vitamins, etc.)
    7. Ads are published at specific regions, do not violate the law in the countries.
  2. Rules for creating advertising blocks
    1. Title of Ads are limited 75 letters. Word count of the title of ads does not over 75 letters.
    2. The pictures must be square, minimum size up to 300x300 pixels. Pictures must be clear, high quality, no gaps.
    3. Do not use large size images, the minimum size of the static picture is 50kb, 150kb animated one.
    4. Commit with the rule of capital for the first letter of every paragraph and titles started by capital letter. Not show all words of entire piece of ads in terms of capital letters or by means of other writing performance.
    5. Word and title must abide by criteria of literature language identity. After each word and punctuation have to put a gap between them.
    6. Not allow using more than exclamation mark and other capital words.
Any violation of one of the requirements set by the network administrator may lead to the blocking of ads’ display. By registering to the system, you automatically agree to our terms and conditions.